uplink is a tool to monitor the uplink status of AVM FRITZ!Box Cable and DSL based routers. It uses the TR-064 protocol over UPnP.


For now I can say that uplink can monitor the status of you FRITZ!Box uplinks. It can log to a file and writes results to a MariaDB/MySQL database. With some editing of the code you can you use SQLite too but this feature is not active at the moment. This will change in the future. I switched to MariaDB because I run uplink on a RaspberryPi and are evaluating results on my workstation. I am working on a Gtk+ frontend to generate statistics...


  • Git (only for installing from Git repository)
  • Python3 (running for me using 3.7.3 on Raspbian 10 and 3.8.5 on Arch Linux)
  • fritzconnection >= 1.3.4
  • pymysql >= 0.10.1

Just install the 3rd party dependencies using `pip install $PACKAGE` or your OS package manager.


git clone
cd uplink
cp config.example.json config.json


Edit config.json to your needs.


  • interval: The polling interval
  • database: Path to sqlite3 Database
  • uplinks: List of devices you want to poll
    • provider: Custom name of the uplink provider
    • ip: The IP of the router device
    • password: The password of the router device


"interval": 60,
"database_type": "mysql",
"database":  "uplink",
"database_host": "",
"database_user": "USER",
"database_password": "PASSWORD",
"cron": false,
"daemon": false,
    "uplinks": [
        { "provider": "Cable Provider", "ip": "", "password": "1234" },
        { "provider": "DSL Provider", "ip": "", "password": "1234" }

Create Database

sqlite3 uplink.sqlite3 < uplink.sql


./uplink ./config.json


./uplink --help

View collected data

I actually use "[DBeaver](" for taking a look at the data uplink is collecting.

There will be a Gtk+ frontend to uplink at some time but this project is at a very early stage of development, so I want to write the collector first. Even support for other SQL databases is in planning in conjunction with the Gtk+ frontend. I use MariaDB only because I can move fast-forward.

TODO (in no particular order)

  • A lot... :)
  • Make all config vars as ARGS and vice versa. ARGS have higher priority. Chain: default -> config -> ARGS.
  • Bring back SQLite support
  • Switch to ORM (peewee?) to support PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
  • Gtk+ frontend connecting to the database or loading a local copy of a SQLite file. wxGlade?
  • A daemon mode to be a real UNIX daemon. For now, it's just sleep() based.
  • Always keep platform independence in mind but not if uplink looses nice features on Linux.


The source code of uplink is available at

git clone