• PC/SC for PHP - An implementation of the PC/SC SCard API for PHP
  • uplink - A tool to monitor the uplink status of AVM FRITZ!Box Cable and DSL based routers

In progress

  • fgg - A free gallery generator for static site generators like Hugo, Jekyll, Nikola etc. using Flickr as data source
  • Linspector - A simple system monitoring solution
  • man2book - A tool to create a custom book of installed man pages by selection of manpage sections and / or pages
  • Passkey - A USB device working as a simple password store based on Digispark devices

Currently unmaintained

  • advoid - A solution for blacklisting ads, malware and trackers based on DNS
  • Leo Search - A Firefox extension for searching the database
  • scheduled - A job scheduling daemon
  • SpaceAPI-GTK - A SpaceAPI widget based on GTK2
  • Zynk - The rsync GUI for your desktop

More stuff I am working on is found at GitHub: