Zynk LogoWhat is Zynk? Zynk is a graphical user interface / GUI for rsync with some special features.

Zynk is being written in C using GTK+ and the Glade interface designer.


My goal is to implement as much features as possible from the rsync command. I think everything is possible so all parameters will be implemented at some time. I will implement all functionality exactly like it is integrated in rsync to be as much compatible as possible. The interface will only show some standard options and more enhanced configuration must be done in a detailed configuration window.


Zynk screenshot: basic

Zynk screenshot: basic Zynk screenshot: delete Zynk screenshot: skip Zynk screenshot: update Zynk screenshot: preserve Zynk screenshot: links Zynk screenshot: transfer Zynk screenshot: host Zynk screenshot: additional

Dot Zynk files

Zynk project files does look like the file example.zynk.


You can see the development status of the project below. This status shows you how much work is done until next release. A more detailed development status will follow... ;-)

Feature requests!

If you have some features you would like to add to Zynk, please send me mail. This project is very new and i really would like to get some information from the outside world... ;-) Please send feature requests to: you at hanez dot org

To do

  • Make Zynk resizeable
  • Use the Progress bar at the bottom of the program
  • Display help at the status bar when moving the mouse over elements
  • Enable Cut, Copy, Paste and Clear in the Edit menu
  • Enable New, Save and Save As in the File menu
  • Disable some buttons when syncing is in progress and otherwise disable the cancel button when nothing is in progress
  • Add a GUI field for the project name and maybe a description too
  • Functionality for saving settings in project files (*.zynk files)
  • Commandline interface for executing .zynk profiles like this:
    # zynk -f ~/zynkfiles/hanez.zynk
  • Write documentation in the GNOME help format
  • Translate program to other languages


Please report bugs via mail to: you at hanez dot org


  • UNIX like operating system (Linux, BSD etc.)
  • GTK+ >= 2.?
  • Libxml2 >= 2.?
  • libglade >= 2.?
  • glib >= 2.?
  • rsync >= 2.6.1 (available in your $PATH)

Prebuild Zynk Packages


The source code is available at"

git clone


Run the following commands in your terminal:

*enter root password*
make install

Most people want to run the following configure command instead of only ./configure:

./configure --prefix=/usr