The code is available at

To get the code run the following command:

git clone


We are using Python as the programming language interpreted by CPython. The IDE we are using is PyCharm. Source Code Management is done using Git and it is hosted at All of us are using Linux as operating system though Linspector should run on other operating systems like *BSD, UNIX™, OSX™ and Windows™.

External dependencies are currently:

  • APScheduler - for job scheduling (required) / MIT license
  • bjsonrpc - for the JSON-RPC backend (optionally) / BSD 3-clause license
  • Paramiko - for the SSH service (optionally) / LGPL license
  • pymongo - for the MongoDB task (optionally) / Apache License Version 2.0
  • MySQLdb1 - for the MariaDB task (optionally) / GPL License Version 2
  • PySNMP - for the SNMP service (optionally) / BSD-style license
  • PyYAML - for YAML formatted configuration files (optionally) / MIT license
  • requests - for using HTTP services (optionally) / Apache License Version 2.0
  • urwid - when using the urwid based frontend called urlish (optionally) / GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

In the future the required dependencies are based on which services and tasks you use in Linspector. For example APScheduler is a core library which is always used, PyYAML when using the YAML style configuration and Paramiko is only needed when you use the SSH service to poll hosts. XMPP is only needed when reporting alerts using the Jabber task etc.


Please clone the repository from GitHub and generate the API documentation using the following command:

make docs

Afterwards you will find the API docs in the ./docs/ directory.

API documentation will be published here in the future too.