What is advoid?

advoid is a device based on open source hardware and open source software for blocking ads, malware and tracking sites in a local network.

How does advoid work?

advoid is a Raspberry Pi and a set of pre-installed scripts and programs which sets up the Raspberry Pi to provide ad-blocking and malware protection features based on host blacklisting.

Is advoid free?

Yes, advoid is free. The software used is completely based on free and open source software. All code developed by us will be available at GitHub after the product release.

Can I buy a prebuilt advoid device somewhere?

Currently not. But, we are planning "build to order" devices for endusers. If advoid is in a stable state you will also be able to buy preinstalled SD cards for just inserting them into a Raspberry Pi device.

Can I censor the Internet using advoid?

No! advoid is just a device in a network where the user decides to use it or not. advoid should not be used, and is not desigened for censoring content. advoid is designed to avoid ads, malware and tracking sites. Sure, you can blacklist any site you want but the user still decides to use advoid or not.

Will advoid anonymize me when surfing the web?

No! advoid is not routing traffic so anonymizing using Tor or some VPN service is not part of advoid. We highly recommend to use Tor when surfing the Internet but you need to do this by yourself. advoid will not do that. Just use the Tor-Browser-Bundle for anonymous surfing.

Will advoid protect me against SPAM emails?

No! advoid ist not an email SPAM blocking / filtering device.

Is advoid protecting me actively against malware?

No. advoid is not scanning content nor is providing file inspection tools like anti virus software. advoid just blacklists sources known for distributing malware.

Is advoid working when surfing the web using HTTPS / SSL?

Yes. advoid is not inspecting and / or manupilating network traffic so encryption doesn't matter. We highly recommend to use HTTPS when surfing the web.

Will advoid block ads on my smartphone too?

Yes. advoid will work for any device in your network. E.g. PC, laptop, smartphone, TV etc.

Which operating system is required to use advoid?

You can use advoid with any operating system.

What hardware is advoid built with?

advoid is built using the Raspberry Pi as computing device.

Which operating system is advoid running on?

advoid runs Gentoo using the Raspbian GNU/Linux Kernel.

Can I build advoid by myself?

Yes. Since advoid is based on the Raspberry Pi device and our source code will be released unter the terms of the GPL license version 2, you will be able to build your own advoid device. Take a look at the advoid project at GitHub for more information.