This website uses Matomo for site analytics. Matomo is locally hosted under the domain No external service is being used! Matomo does not use cookies for tracking!

This website is not making use of any external tracking or analytics services nor does use cookies for tracking of users and will never do!

Saved data

  • Browser type. E.g.: Chromium, Firefox, Konqueror, Safari etc.
  • Date and time of your visit.
  • Device type. E.g.: Desktop, Smartphone etc.
  • IP address. Anonymized by setting the last two bytes to 0. E.g.: will be saved as in the analytics database.
  • Operating system. E.g.: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows etc.

Usage of saved data

The data is only used for tracking the number of users visiting this website and for technical analysis for making this website work best for most visitors.

No data will be handed over to someone other then me!


This website uses a session cookie in some places. This cookie does not store IP addresses or any other personal information. This cookie ensures that this website works. Session data is deleted after a session timeout of 60 minutes of browser inactivity. No information is used to track you afterwards, it is only used for technical reasons while you visit this website. What are cookies?

Log files

Server log files are deleted regularly and are only evaluated in case of errors. The server currently stores the log files for a maximum of 7 days. Even in backups these files are not stored any longer time period.


This website does not load files from 3rd party sites. I believe this is the only way to keep away tracking of users by big data analytics companies.