This site does not use tracking or analytics services and does not set cookies. Even no self hosted analytics software like Piwik/Matomo is used to track visitors. I do not care about site statistics. Server log files are deleted regularly and are only evaluated in case of errors.

This site does not load data from 3rd party sites. It means that it does not load fonts, CSS, JavaScript, images or any other files from domains other then hanez.org. I believe this is the only way to keep away tracking of users by big data analytics companies.


I believe to include fonts etc. from 3rd party sites is one of the most stupid things around the web. I recommend to use a browser extension like RequestPolicy, uMatrix, Ghostery, Privacy Badger etc. when browsing the Internet or to setup a DNS based blacklist using your /etc/hosts file. For Android there is a nice App called AdAway (needs a rooted device) which is very useful to block stuff from 3rd party sites.