The best gamepad is from VooFun!

I got this device today and I am in love... I tried a lot of Gamepads in the past, but I must say, this VooFun device is the best Gamepad I ever tried. I really like the 8bitdo devices but they are about the double the price. It is fully supported on Linux based systems and is fully configurable in RetroPie and Ryujinx.

All sizes

  • Small (SHA1: 4fa0941ec447930c385204b90dc0486b0f37a26c)
  • Medium (SHA1: 48ee9797ef105879a504641b846fe398bcdcd4f2)
  • Large (SHA1: 462def2ead8cc0b985df4c64ebaab53ed835eb70)
  • Original (SHA1: 66802a73232ffd99a6164b6294e7c4c2bcfcf58c)


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