My Gamepad Collection: NES, SNES and SEGA

All my gampads in buying order from left to right. I really like the wired NES controller at the left but wireless is more comfortable. The 4 button 8BitDo NES controller next to the left one ist very nice but Bluetooth has more latency then 2.4GHz controllers. I use this one with my Android devices when traveling. The two SNES 2.4GHz controllers in the middle are in my livingroom connected to a RaspberryPi running Emulationstation for playing on my TV. The two 2.4GHz controllers at the right are in my office connected to my PC. My favorite is the SNES controller with the purple buttons. Best quality are the 8BitDo controllers but they are more expensive. All of these controllers are very nice to play with. I prefer 2.4GHz controllers because they are easy to configure with RetroPi and Emulationstation. Bluetooth on a RaspberryPi sucks in many ways. More latency, more power consumption and also harder to configure.

All sizes

  • Small (SHA1: f99c58f7292edb65452d7fdf156ec1ae96d1c78b)
  • Medium (SHA1: a678ae57cc80f93d04544e3165caaddb5e7a683f)
  • Large (SHA1: 8f1dc943382d9dede31ed86bc9ebb8764b0993cd)
  • Original (SHA1: 17c6e9cda36081e2a3a5f93abad27a1d3f48096a)


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