SEGA Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless 8BitDo

Very hight quality 2.4GHz USB dongle based SEGA gamepad from 8BitDo. Would be my favorite but for Nintendo games I prefer a pad with less buttons. But this pad is really awesome. So for playing "Sonic the Hedgehog" this is my first choice.

All sizes

  • Small (SHA1: fcca998e56e3fdcd03772a74cbc784a27f9c4a28)
  • Medium (SHA1: a6708b314ce87e3f9e00e3cdb1d8f1f252d34c38)
  • Large (SHA1: 5ae5e104c5ac8b5961cf861fe2992756671212c8)
  • Original (SHA1: d8a01a2b15145f77a323efe061c8e43b56752bc4)


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