Raspberry Pi 400 + some 3D printed objects

I got an Raspberry Pi 400 and a 3D printer last week so here is my first setup. I attached a LCD touch display to the Pi to make it run standalone without an extra screen in the future. I first added a header board which was designed to attach a display to the Pi 400 and it looks very nice. In the background you see a Bart Simpson Buddha figure I printed with my new TRONXY CRUX1 3D printer and there is a cat on the ritght. For now I only have black filament but I will order some more colors next. It was my first try 3D printing some objects... The Pi 400 will become the controller for the CRUX1 using the Octoprint software. But I need to set this up before... ;)

All sizes

  • Small (SHA1: ca6bd4587b232c500e4dcecf81d48cf1f40421a0)
  • Medium (SHA1: 2c3e7303dda2529e6efb57fe61f9c96b97296e8d)
  • Large (SHA1: 44c8f25b14c4471f304d2b8e6757593946539d53)
  • Original (SHA1: db941b23bd5949269b72df39acb0b00d98766490)


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