if you are looking for an experienced Linux system administrator, then you have come to the right place... I'm looking for a job!

I have more then 20 years of experience professionally working as Linux / UNIX system administrator and software developer. Most work was done using open source operating systems and tools.

I, for example, worked for the following companies: AirPlus (Lufthansa), B1 SYSTEMS, EOS.UPTRADE, HABA, Lotto24, Marquard & Bahls (Mabanaft, OIL! and Oiltanking), Phonostar, SAP, T-Systems and many more...

A list of regularly used software and tools, but I use a lot more stuff for my daily work:*

  • Automation & Configuration Management (Ansible, CI/CD, Foreman, Katello, Puppet, Satellite, Terraform)
  • BSD & UNIX, but very limited because Linux was always the primary used OS.
  • Containers & Virtualization (Docker, Kubernetes (minikube), OpenStack, Qemu, Vagrant, Virtual Machine Manager, VirtualBox, VMware etc.)
  • Databases (Access, DataGrip, MariaDB, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQLite)
  • Development & Programming (Anjuta, C, CLion, CMake, Flutter, GCC, GDB, Git, Gtk, IntelliJ IDEA, Java, JavaScript (jQuery), Lua, Make, Netbeans IDE, PyCharm, PHP (Symphony, WordPress etc.), Python (Django, Flask, Kivy, Nikola etc.), Ruby (Jekyll, Rails (basics))
  • Engineering (Bash, Ksh, SSH and Zsh)
  • Linux (Adelie, Alma, Alpine, Arch, Artix, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo, OpenWrt, Red Hat (Fedora / RHEL), SuSE (SEL / SLES), Ubuntu and some more distributions...)
  • Monitoring (Checkmk, Linspector, Nagios, Syslog, Zabbix)
  • Networking (iptables, Routing (basics), TCP/IP (basics))
  • Security (auditd, SELinux (basics), SIEM, Splunk)
  • Storage (NetApp, NFS, Samba/SMB)
  • Tools (Confluence, Jira, Office, Outlook, Teams, Zoom and many more...)
  • Web (Apache, CSS, HAProxy, HTML, Lighttpd, nginx etc.)

My daily tools: Linux (Alpine and Artix), Python, IntelliJ IDEA / PyCharm, Vim, Shell (Bash and Zsh), Git, Qemu, Docker, Netbeans IDE...

So, what am I looking for?

I am primarily looking for a remote job as a Linux system administrator, but software development is a great option to me too.

If you are interested in more information about me and my skills, take a look at the about page, the answers page or just contact me. I can send you a CV and will try to answer your questions or give you all other information you may want to know.

Keep in mind, I am living in North Frisia / Germany!

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