Make: Electronics

I got this great book yesterday: "Make: Electronics". It was exactly what I needed. It describes in a very hackish way how electronics works...

I got the german translation and read a lot in it within the first day. It has many examples of analog circuits for building funny and useful stuff by yourself. DIY!

Thank you very much for this book! I love it!

Nagios Android Client

I found this nice Android app today. Since I am setting up the monitoring of some servers using Nagios this app is very useful to me. The app is called Nagroid and it is completely free and the code is available at Google Code.

Site-Status Update

lighttpd logoI reported some days ago that this page is not being generated dynamically online anymore. It is just static HTML!

I am generating all code offline. But since I love features like "comments", I decided to use a third party service for that. I registered an account at Disqus because it provides the most simple user interface. I hope you will accept and use this feature even though data is being stored on external servers not managed by me. Maybe I will develop an comment option via a cgi-bin directory in the future but at first I will stay at Disqus...

The server is now running lighttpd. thttpd doesn't provided enough features. Lighttpd seems to be a good choice for my requirements. It is a very small, fast and easy to configure webserver with a lot of features.

PHP and MySQL is NOT installed on this host anymore... ;)

May the Force be with You

May the Force be with You

I found this in the ./images directory of today and thought it must be online again... ;)

Arduino & Netduino synced communication and LCD animation

The Arduino and the Netduino are communicating over two digital IO lines. The animation is being synced over these lines. Rafel an I wanted to make the displays run. With success... but what next? Syncing both devices!

Since Rafael is developing on the Netduino platform and I am using the Arduino as platform, we had much fun putting these two devices together and let them talk to each other. This communication is used to keep the animation on both LCD displays in sync. There is a video below but it has a really bad quality. Focus your eyes on the LCD devices when watching it.


More information will follow in the next hours... ;)