Which distributions are you using?

I use Artix Linux on my desktops. My servers are running Alpine Linux. Both are without systemd.

Why no systemd?

Because systemd just sucks! You can read more here! I use OpenRC on my desktops and servers.


Which webserver are you using?

I use the lighttpd webserver. It is small, fast and highly customizable. It does all I need. In some cases I use nginx (not 100% free software anymore as it is owned by F5) but only when lighttpd is not supported by the software I run.


Is the code of this website available somewhere?

Not actually! I will publish it some day, but for now it is too chaotic to make it public. For me it works, but... Actually some code is found in my xw3 project.

Why Jekyll?

Jekyll is the most comfortable static site-generator available. Sure, there are awesome alternatives written in Go or Python, but what I learned in the past, Web-Developers are addicted to Ruby (Jekyll, Rails etc.) and they really know what is needed to create nice and powerful websites. So, I trust the "Web-Nerds"... And writing Ruby code is not that hard.