My name is Johannes Findeisen, born in Lugala (Tanzania 🇹🇿) in 1979. I am german and live in Germany 🇩🇪.

My motto: Keep it simple, complexity fails!


  • This server runs the Alpine Linux operating system
  • This server is hosted at netcup. Very awesome hosting and support!
  • The traffic statistics show you some information about the data flow on this server


This website is built using Jekyll, a simple, blog-aware, static site generator written in Ruby. I do not like Ruby, but Jekyll is a very awesome project and it does its job perfectly.

This website is making use of the following software:

  • Fork Awesome - A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit
  • PHP - A really nice generell purpose scripting language for the web*
  • jQuery - A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library**
  • lighttpd - The Webserver
  • Lity - An ultra-lightweight, accessible and responsive lightbox**
  • sorttable - A JavaScript library to make tables sortable**

This website looks best using a Mozilla based web browser like Firefox. Sure, it looks fine in other browsers I've tested, but Mozilla renders CSS more gracefully than the others...


The logo of this homepage was created at that time I registered in late 2000. It was my brother Jakob who took some files from the web and merged them! :) Thank you, Jakob!

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