I am Johannes Findeisen, born in December 1979 in Lugala (Tanzania).

I am working as Linux Systems Engineer, developing platform solutions and sometimes writing code...

In my spare time I like biking, fishing, making electronic music and building electronics stuff using microcontroller boards.

I love the nature.

I love Free Software.

I love simple written code (KISS), so I try to do so as well.

I do not like systemd. Why?.

You will not find me on Facebook!


The logo of this homepage was created at that time I registered in late 2000. It was my brother Jakob who took some files from the web and merged them! :) Thank you, Jakob!


This website is built using Jekyll, a simple, blog-aware, static site generator.

This website runs using the webserver lighttpd.

This website is making use of Fork Awesome, a fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit.

This website is making use of Lity, a ultra-lightweight, accessible and responsive lightbox.


This server runs the Alpine Linux distribution using the Linux operating system Kernel.

This server is hosted at netcup. Very awesome hosting and support!


I am running mirrors for the following FOSS projects: