I switched from MySQL to MariaDB some time ago and now I read in the news that Wikipedia is switching too. I really recommend to give MariaDB a try. Nothing is changing to you if you are running Webapps like PHPMyAdmin, Wordpress etc. You are just switching to a 100% open source software that MySQL is not anymore.

I am using Gentoo and Sabayon Linux and switching was just installing MariaDB, MySQL was automatically removed. Restarting the service "mysql" was the only thing to do afterwards. All databases were up and running whithout any configuration. Make a dump of your databases before so you could import the data when something fails with the raw datafiles. Everything worked out of the box for me and even my backup scripts are working without any changes because of 100% MySQL compatibility.

I like to replace software on my workstation that is not 100% open source. It is great that MariaDB is on its way and we could feel like we felt the good old "MySQL" days... ;)

Dear hosting providers, please switch from MySQL to MariaDB. Everything is compatible and when you are doing the first step, web application developers will follow. MySQL is great but it is not freedem like MariaDB and we all used the freedom of MySQl in the late 90's to build up our hosting stuff... It was a benefit for the MySQL project but mostly for us. So let us now do the same and give MariaDB the chance for replacement. Then the develepment of the most succesfull open database management system can go on again. Thanks for that to all developers of MariaDB!

MySQL, Rest In Peace!

Let's get the party started

The winter was long, the year began cold... Today I felt a little bit that spring is not far away anymore. \o/

I was at the beach and enjoyed it very much. Energy is back! Let's get the party started! Welcome 2013!


I got a NAS device and installed Linux

Today a friend gave me his old NAS as a gift... It is an Acer easyStore H340 with 2 x 1TB harddrives. There was a broken Windows installation on it which I directly replaced with the very nice Debian based NAS solution called OpenMediaVault.

I setup the box within some few minutes and it is wonderful. I must say that I installed the OS on an external USB stick because I wanted a mirrored RAID and didn't wanted to insert a 3rd harddrive just for the OS. I will maybe add a small SSD or flash on the SATA bus at some time and will then put the OS there... but only if I am not adding two more harddrives... ;) For now everything is nice like it is.

The web GUI is very clean and easy to use. The RAID was also setup within the web GUI. Everything is just some clicks and you're done... :)

I am happy about this new device!


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