PocketGo - Gaming in the pocket...

I want to show you a device I got last year. I never played a lot with it but now I had a sleepless night and played a lot. It really is a lot of fun.

It is a PocketGo game emulator and now I have all my favorite games right in my pocket to play everywhere... ;)

My PocketGo

I don't know if you can buy it somewhere nowadays (I can not find any offer) because there is a new version available. But I believe the new version is as much fun as this device is.

Because I buyed it for travelling I also buyed the wonderful case for it you can see on the left. In this case is enough space for a USB charger and some cables.

Since I like these old retro games very much, this was exactly the right purchase.

There are a lot of retro handhelds available on the net. I don't know which one is the best one but I just payed about EUR 35.00 and that was a very good price for this quality.

Too sad that I could now find any useful link for you in the net, you need to search for "PocketGo" to find more information. The are many good sites out there so will find all the you need to know. Mostly sites with newer devices are available but as I said before... these will make you have fun too and they are not much more expensive.


  • CPU: Allwinner F1C100S
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Screen: 2.4" IPS 320x240 (tempered glass)
  • SDCard: supported up to 128GB for game storage (no games preloaded)
  • Port: TV-out, Headphone Jack, MicroSD card slot
  • Battery: 1000mAh

Update: Uh, I found this device for a price of about USD 35.00 available on the net right now but I do not want to link to some online shops. If you search a bit, you will find it! Just search for "PocketGo 1"... ;). Btw. this site has a lot of more information.

Have fun! :)


The Next Challenge


I found this chess computer from 1988 at my parents home some days ago. Since the Corona virus I need some things to do and knew about this device was at some place. It is a FIDELITY DESIGNER 2000 DISPLAY which is a really cool device. It was not used for about 25 years but it still works. Now I can start playing chess. In my youth I played a lot with my brother so I know how to do but I believe I have to learn a lot.

The challenge is to beat this device... :) Now winter is coming and I will have a lot of time to go on. I will report my results here - next year!

As an IT engineer I am always impressed about what great devices were developed so long time ago.

Some specs:

  • CPU: 6502
  • Type: 8 Bit
  • Speed: 3 MHz
  • RAM: 8 KB
  • ROM: 32 KB


My Retro Gamepad Collection

All my gampads in buying order from left to right

All my gamepads in buying order from left to right. I really like the wired NES controller at the left but wireless is more comfortable. The 4 button 8BitDo NES controller next to the left one ist very nice but Bluetooth has more latency then 2.4GHz controllers. I use this one with my Android devices when traveling. The two SNES 2.4GHz controllers in the middle are in my livingroom connected to a RaspberryPi running Emulationstation for playing on my TV. The two 2.4GHz controllers at the right are in my office connected to my PC. My favorite is the SNES controller with the purple buttons. Best quality are the 8BitDo controllers but they are more expensive. All of these controllers are very nice to play with. I prefer 2.4GHz controllers because they are easy to configure with RetroPie and Emulationstation. Bluetooth on a RaspberryPi sucks in many ways. More latency, more power consumption and also harder to configure.

NES Gamepad USB Wired NoName

NES Gamepad USB Wired - NoName. This is 100% the same as the original NES Gamepad from the early 90s. Price: EUR 5.00

NES Gamepad Bluetooth 8BitDo

NES Gamepad Bluetooth - 8BitDo. The 8BitDo NES Gamepad using Bluetooth with some extra buttons. 4 buttons on the front and two shoulder buttons at the top. Price: EUR 40.00

SNES Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless NoName

SNES Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless - NoName. The SNES gamepad exactly like the original except that it is connected wireless using a 2.4GHz USB dongle. Very nice to play with on a RaspberryPi because of the easy configuration. Price: EUR 20.00

SNES Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless NoName

SNES Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless - NoName. A very nice 2.4 GHz USB dongle based gamepad exactly like the original SNES gamepad. This is my favorite for playing retro games. Price: EUR 20.00

SEGA Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless 8BitDo

SEGA Gamepad 2.4GHz USB Wireless - 8BitDo. Very hight quality 2.4GHz USB dongle based SEGA gamepad from 8BitDo. Would be my favorite but for Nintendo games I prefer a pad with less buttons. But this pad is really awesome. So for playing "Sonic the Hedgehog" this is my first choice. Price: EUR 26.00



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