File Recovery using Linux

TestDisk LogoIf You have accidentally deleted files or partitions are lost, take a look at TestDisk and PhotoRec. Both tools are great. PhotoRec is great for recovering files by type. You could select *.mp3 and all mp3 files which are recoverable will be found and recovered. Both tools does have support for many many filesystems. And, YES! FAT, NTFS etc. are supported too. Both tools are available for many operating systems. This includes Linux, Windows, *BSD, UNIX and OS X. Nice work!

If You need a Linux live CD where TestDisk is included I recommend SystemRescueCd. There are many other tools available for doing recovery work for almost every kind of operating system. SystemRescueCd is based on Gentoo what makes it very attractive to me.

Tiny Core Linux

I just want to write a note about Tiny Core Linux. I really like it. It is about 10MB in size and it boots with X and a very minimal Desktop in about 15 - 20 seconds using VirtualBox. I recommend to give it a try. Just download the ISO file and boot it. When booted you are able to install Firefox, gcc, GTK+, Text Editors and much more...


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