Mercurial SCM

"Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It efficiently handles projects of any size and offers an easy and intuitive interface."

Mercurial is more! It is very easy to use. I used CVS then Subversion, I tried Git and then I was impressed. Now I am much more impressed. Now I know Mercurial... and my life will become easier... ;)

It took about 2 hours to learn how it works and another 30 minutes to set up some repositories on remote servers. Great!

Give it a try!

SOAP sucks!

Does someone had contact with writing SOAP services using PHP, Python etc.? It really sucks. I have tried all kind of SOAP libs in the past few month. PHP's implementation is very evil... Segfaults etc. WSO2 for PHP seems not to be stable. Segfaults too! What to do? Are there only JAVA or C++ implementations available, which are workling like expected or are compliant with the definition? Python? Ruby, ***? Hmmmm, I only need a lib that handles SOAP, not acts as a server!

I am going crazy because there is no useable SOAP implementation available for open source platforms!

Please give me a hint if I am missing something! What do you use? Which Language (except JAVA)?


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