The Embedded Winter Challenge

I got some embedded devices in the past weeks and are starting playing around with hardware since many years again. I do this just for fun, but I really build some useful devices sometimes. Take a look at my blog post about Passkey to see what I actually do.

Devices from the top left to the bottom right:

  • RFID-RC522 SPI based RFID Reader
  • MicroSD SPI based Card Reader
  • MCP2515 SPI based CAN Bus Shield
  • Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 microcontroller device running MicroPython
  • Arduino Nano ATMega328 based device
  • OLED I²C based Display with SSD1306 Chip 128 x 64 Pixel
  • OLED I²C based Display Module 128 x 32 Pixel
  • Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro ATmega32U4 based device
  • Digispark ATTiny85 based device with micro USB port using the micronucleus bootloader
  • Digispark ATTiny85 based device with USB-A connector using micronucleus
  • RP2040-Zero Pico-Like MCU Board based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller
  • CP2102 micro USB to UART TTL Module
  • AT24C256 I²C 256KB EEPROM memory

I own all of these devices more then once so the devices shown above do not all have pin headers soldered on them. It was looking nicer on the photo without headers... ;)

I am getting some more I²C devices in the next days! I am focussing on I²C devices because the I²C protocol is so easy to use, but SPI is interesting too.

For simple stuff I am using Arduino based devices, but I really like RP2040 based devices because I am very familiar with Python and running MicroPython makes so much sense to me. Also I like the possibility to run a REPL to interact with hardware interactively like a command shell. This is a lot of fun and debugging is a lot more easy too.