Since I am using some applications that are only available for Windows operating systems I decided to use Wine instead of dual booting. I do 100% of my work on Linux based systems and it's annoying to reboot every time I need or want to run some .exe files. Using Wine many applications and games are working as expected without any errors. The only thing I did using "winecfg", to make it comfortable for me to use, was to map some Windows folders to some folders in my $HOME directory for making it easy to share files among applications and set my OS version to Windows 10.

I will post more information about my use case in some days... ;)

Ableton Live 11 Standard runs without any problems on Linux using Wine. I tried the trial before buying but couldn't find anything that is not working properly. I will mostly use it as a MIDI sequencer and for audio recording but even software instruments and effects are running like a charme - even some VST plugins are working properly.

Ableton Live 11

Below you can see how I am accessing "drive C:\" from my desktop... My magic symlink... :D

hanez@jupiter ~ # cd C:\\
hanez@jupiter C:\ # pwd
hanez@jupiter C:\ # echo "?"
hanez@jupiter C:\ # cd
hanez@jupiter ~ # ls -l C:\\
lrwxrwxrwx 1 hanez hanez 26  3. Mai 20:06 'C:\' -> /home/hanez/.wine/drive_c/
hanez@jupiter ~ # echo ":)"
hanez@jupiter ~ #

BTW: Many years ago I already played games using Wine. Here is a screenshot of Command and Conquer Red Alert 2.

[UPDATE]: I needed to install some fonts to make some VST plugins to work. I used winetricks for that and just installed all available fonts but I think it should be enough to only install "corefonts", but I don't know.