I found this chess computer from 1988 at my parents home some days ago. Since the Corona virus I need some things to do and knew about this device was at some place. It is a FIDELITY DESIGNER 2000 DISPLAY which is a really cool device. It was not used for about 25 years but it still works. Now I can start playing chess. In my youth I played a lot with my brother so I know how to do but I believe I have to learn a lot.

The challenge is to beat this device... :) Now winter is coming and I will have a lot of time to go on. I will report my results here - next year!

As an IT engineer I am always impressed about what great devices were developed so long time ago.

Some specs:

  • CPU: 6502
  • Type: 8 Bit
  • Speed: 3 MHz
  • RAM: 8 KB
  • ROM: 32 KB