I built a new Arduino based device this weekend. I was ill and had much time chilling at home and hacked this:

Arduino TA07-11 5x7 Dot Matrix Display

It is a TA01-11 LED matrix from Kingbright. It was a little bit tricky to figure out how it works because it was the first matrix I played with but at the end everything worked fine... ;) Thanks to Rafael for this great hacking session!

In this Example I am using a Kingbright TA07-11 Dot Matrix LED Display using an Arduino as controller.

The code is mostly based on the DirectDriveLEDMatrix example on the Arduino playground website.

The next step will be to use a LED driver IC for keeping the usage of Arduino ouputs low.

The five Transistors are for regulating the voltage on the columns of the Display. In this circuit all LED's are getting the same voltage power of 5V.

The code looks very ugly at the moment, but I will clean it up. It is a dirty written prototype... ;)