I made a lot of music in the 90's using my good old ATARI computer running Cubase until I started software development. Since 2003 I did not produced many songs because I had no time and was frustrated that Linux was not the right system for that Job... Some time ago I decided to go on again and ordered a new MIDI keyboard and installed Windows for running professional audio software. I will upload new tracks in the future to Soundcloud and will embed them here.

More to come... ;)

Techno? WTF?:

The next track (10.04.2013). Enjoy this peace of Techno!

New track just for fun:

I made this minimal Trance track tonight... (24.02.2013). Have fun!

Techno from the 90's:

Some tracks I made from 1996 to 2002. Enjoy the good old times... ;)

All tracks was produced using just the QUASIMIDI Synthesizer "The Raven" and Cubase Audio running on an ATARI computer!