Me in Sweden 2010 Me in Leiden 2012I am Johannes Findeisen, born in December 1979 in Lugala (Tanzania)

I love the Nature!

I love Linux!

I love simple written code, so I try to do so as well.

I like going fishing.

My business: com.puting.de

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"... I think the public has the right to know what's 
going on. ... Think of, hacking is a public service!"

Kevin Mitnick in: Takedown

This Site

I started this site in 1999 using hanez.de as domain name. I later registered hanez.org. This website is a personal homepage.


The logo of this homepage was created at that time I registered hanez.org. I don't know exactly the registration date... :/ It was my brother Jakob who took some files from the web and merged them together! :) Thank you, Jakob!


I am using the following pieces of software to create this site. Since this site is being generated offline via the mirror function (-m) of GNU Wget, some parts are only running locally on my notebook, like the PHP and database stuff. Some parts, like JavaScripts, are running online. Maybe I will create dynamic features in the future using a cgi-bin directory but at the moment I need to discover this.

Thanks to the developers of the following software! I am very glad that I could use your code for free!

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