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I arrived in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal

I arrived in the Netherlands on friday. I am visiting my brother in Leiden which is about 40 Km away from Amsterdam. Today I went to that wonderful city. I were there some times already in the past but it is some years ago. Now I have enough time to explore this area. I just were there for about 3 hours because I am very tired in the last days. I will go there sometimes again in the next few weeks... I am impressed! ;)

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The Moon

Te Moon

A photograph of the Moon over Sylt taken with my oldschool IXUS 430... I love it, I love this cam... ;)

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Sabayon - A Linux distribution for everybody...

Because Frank, a friend of mine, where looking for an alternative to most well known Linux distributions and he even likes the Idea of Gentoo, I told him about Sabayon Linux yesterday. I have heard of it long time ago but I never gave it a try. Since I am a hardcore Gentoo user I never needed to switch since more the twelve years. I tried Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, some other Linux based distributions and even FreeBSD but I never felt very well and always switched back to Gentoo.

I downloaded the Xfce based ISO file today and installed it in a virtual machine running in VirtualBox. It was so easy to install and everything worked right out of the box. The installation took about 20 minutes and then I was impressed. It runs fast and without any errors. It has its own package management but even the wonderful portage package management is available for installing self optimised packages or even simply my own software packages used on Gentoo.

I need to evaluate this distribution a little bit more before I can say "Yes! That is what I want." but for now I am very excited!

If you are looking for fast and reliable distribution with the power of Gentoo, is the right place to read more...

I will post my experiences here in the future and maybe (I don't think so... :) I will try Sabayon as host operating system some day...

Have fun! :)

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Prosody - A study in simplicity

I set up my own XMPP / Jabber Server some minutes ago. I installed Prosody without any problems. You could now contact me via Please use this account for future contact requests. Since decentralization is a good way for keeping enemies away, run your own XMPP service!

The configuration took about 5 minutes. I created a certificate for encrypted communication to the server and then changed some small parts of the configuration. Since this server is "private only" I don't need to care about much stuff. You could not register, so the most stuff is static. Adding users is not more then an "adduser" command on generic operating systems.

It is so easy... do it yourself and be autonomous from services on the net...

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