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Linspector pre-alpha

Linspector got a new website! I made it with the use of Bootstrap and mostly the default theme settings. It was a very fast process to get a result like this. I love that Bootstrap stuff... ;) I will from time to time work on the design to make it unique but for now I am happy like it is.

BTW: I would like to announce that the monitoring software Linspector is in a usable state. Sure it should not be used in productive environments at the moment but you can clearly see the goals and programming interfaces for adding features.

Please test Linspector and report your experience. If you like writing Python code and really want a new kind of monitoring software you are very welcome to participate in the project. Take a look at the Linspector Dev Site to get more information...

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Linspector - New Website

New website launched! \o/ Since we really would like to add more content like documentation to the website we needed a site structure. We had that not before. Now we have a clean design an structure to add content very easy. The site will be added to github soon so development could go on there.

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Linspector - v0.6

Linspector is working and the tcpconnect service is stable. Reporting could be done via mail. No real features yet but the core is running fine... ;)

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Linspector - Services are working

Service command execution is working again. We refactored the code to use the new json configuration format. The code looks very nice now. Additionally we added a developer mailinglist. Look at the bottom of this site on how to subscribe.

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