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Linspector - Status

Linspector is currently able to probe TCP and UDP ports. An implementation of a PING service is in work but we really would like to build up the core before extending Linspector with new "services". Reporting works too but only via eMail. Jabber and SMS will follow next. Storing the data is not implemented yet.

Take a look at the code to figure out what features are availble at the moment.

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Linspector - v0.7

Linspector got some more internal structure for Job-Handling today. Lish is able to list all scheduled jobs and all jobs have their unique ID to make handling easier.

Threshold-Handling has two options now. Linspector can reset to 0 on service success or decrement the threshold value.

Logging is still not perfect but we are closer to what we want.

We started writing content to our Wiki at GitHub so take alook there if you need more information about the configuration of Linspector. Configuration variables will be explained there more and more...

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