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Linspector - Status Update

Linspector is not dead! I need to say that because there where no updates since about 6 month. I will explain what happend the in the past.

At first, Rafael left the development team some month ago. I, hanez, will go on with development! Contact me if you want to participate... ;)

I moved to Hamburg in the beginning of the year for work so I had a lot of stuff to do for moving and work. I arrived and are feeling home so development will go on from now on...!

I will post some information about the technical status of the project ASAP.

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Linspector - v0.11 - Threading and Benchmark

We have added a Linspector main thread today. The problem was that Linspector was started and had scheduled the Jobs and afterwards enabled the Backends and the Lish interface. Since Linspector currently schedules one Job every 3 seconds we had to wait a long time until Backends and the Lish was available to the user. Now Scheduling is done in a background thread and all interfaces are available after some few seconds. You will have access to all scheduled jobs right after starting Linspector and the list then grows in the background. That was a big improvement so we decided to set the version to 0.11.

We then started a small stress test using a configuration file with a lot of jobs polling many hosts to see if everythng works like expected. Below is a table showing the results. Be sure that these results are in no way reliable because they were made on hanez' notebook running severel other applications like the desktop but it really shows how powerful Linspector actually is. The configuration was using just the "tcpconnect" service with non existent hosts so the load will be much higher when polling existing hosts or more complex services like "httpget" or "snmpget".

The platform used was an Intel quadcore i7 @ 2.67GHz.

Job Interval:60 Seconds
Job Count:3390
Time for Scheduling:(Job Count * 3 Seconds) / 60 = 168.5 Minutes
Average System Load:0.85 - 1.0
Average CPU Usage:75%
Failed Job Executions:Not checked! But there were some of them failing. We will debug this.
Time to get full Joblist using JSON-RPC backend:1 Second

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Linspector - v0.10 - JSON-RPC Backend

We added a new important subsystem to Linspector today. Linspector now has a JSON-RPC backend for connecting to an instance from web applications, desktop applications etc. Currently you can get a list of jobs, detailed information about a single job and you can enable and disable jobs from remote. There is no authentication implemented yet but that will be easy to implement and available in our first release.

Lish was cleaned up a lot and output of commands got some more colors. Additionally Lish got a new command (man) for browsing documentation like man pages on UNIX operating systems. We will add documentation from time to time so this section will grow from now on.

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Linspector - v0.9 - Introducing the Lish

We reached a new milestone last night! Yeah!

Linspector got a terminal management frontend for administrators for doing maintenance tasks like enabling or disabling jobs. This frontend is called "Lish - The Linspector interactive Shell". It will become a full console to do all kind of management like configuration, restarting, reloading the Linspector instance etc. It has colored output and feels very well. If you likeworking in text based terminals Linspector and its Lish is the right software for system monitoring. We recommend to give it a try! There is still a lot of work to make it usable in the real world but it is stable and useful though.

We will add a screencast of the Lish until tomorrow where you can see it in action here on Stay tuned!

We added a feature to Lish to view documentation like viewing man pages on a UNIX style system directly in Lish. The command is called "man" and we will add documentation there from now on. Manual pages are written in Markdown and can be viewed online at GitHub.

Have fun with this new version of Linspector!

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Linspector - JSON to YAML

We switched the configuration from JSON to YAML today. YAML is much easier to read and write and has some more features. We will still support JSON based configuration but are focusing on YAML from now on. If some day it will be hard to maintain both file formats we will drop JSON support but for now it seems to be no problem for us.

An example can be found here.

Documentation will be updated soon but we want to change some config structures too so this will happen when it is done. For now everything works fine with the current docs.

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