I am working on a Linspector rewrite because of:

  • Big design fails in the configuration parser.
  • The new APScheduler works quite different and job scheduling needs to be rewritten anyway.
  • I have designed a completely new shell interface to Linspector which is not compatible with the actual code base.
  • I want to change the license from AGPL to some BSD or MIT style license and since some code was not written by myself I do not want to replace parts so a rewrite is the best solution.

Keep in mind, that it is possible to create a fully working monitoring solution with the current code base but with some limitations. That is why I do not update the current code anymore. A lot of features are missinf but could easily be implemented. For me this makes no sense because the next generation of Linspector could not adopt code because a new design. The interface to services and tasks will not change in this rewrite so these parts could be reused.

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