We have added a Linspector main thread today. The problem was that Linspector was started and had scheduled the Jobs and afterwards enabled the Backends and the Lish interface. Since Linspector currently schedules one Job every 3 seconds we had to wait a long time until Backends and the Lish was available to the user. Now Scheduling is done in a background thread and all interfaces are available after some few seconds. You will have access to all scheduled jobs right after starting Linspector and the list then grows in the background. That was a big improvement so we decided to set the version to 0.11.

We then started a small stress test using a configuration file with a lot of jobs polling many hosts to see if everythng works like expected. Below is a table showing the results. Be sure that these results are in no way reliable because they were made on hanez' notebook running severel other applications like the desktop but it really shows how powerful Linspector actually is. The configuration was using just the "tcpconnect" service with non existent hosts so the load will be much higher when polling existing hosts or more complex services like "httpget" or "snmpget".

The platform used was an Intel quadcore i7 @ 2.67GHz.

Job Interval: 60 Seconds
Job Count: 3390
Time for Scheduling: (Job Count * 3 Seconds) / 60 = 168.5 Minutes
Average System Load: 0.85 - 1.0
Average CPU Usage: 75%
Failed Job Executions: Not checked! But there were some of them failing. We will debug this.
Time to get full Joblist using JSON-RPC backend: 1 Second

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