We reached a new milestone last night! Yeah!

Linspector got a terminal management frontend for administrators for doing maintenance tasks like enabling or disabling jobs. This frontend is called "Lish - The Linspector interactive Shell". It will become a full console to do all kind of management like configuration, restarting, reloading the Linspector instance etc. It has colored output and feels very well. If you like working in text based terminals Linspector and its Lish is the right software for system monitoring. We recommend to give it a try! There is still a lot of work to make it usable in the real world but it is stable and useful though.

We will add a screencast of the Lish until tomorrow where you can see it in action here on linspector.org. Stay tuned!

We added a feature to Lish to view documentation like viewing man pages on a UNIX style system directly in Lish. The command is called "man" and we will add documentation there from now on. Manual pages are written in Markdown and can be viewed online at GitHub.

Have fun with this new version of Linspector!

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