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Let’s get the party started

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

The winter was long, the year began cold… Today I felt a little bit that spring is not far away anymore. \o/

I was at the beach and enjoyed it very much. Energy is back! Let’s get the party started! Welcome 2013!


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I got a NAS device and installed Linux

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Today a friend gave me his old NAS as a gift… It is an Acer easyStore H340 with 2 x 1TB harddrives. There was a broken Windows installation on it which I directly replaced with the very nice Debian based NAS solution called OpenMediaVault.

I setup the box within some few minutes and it is wonderful. I must say that I installed the OS on an external USB stick because I wanted a mirrored RAID and didn’t wanted to insert a 3rd harddrive just for the OS. I will maybe add a small SSD or flash on the SATA bus at some time and will then put the OS there… but only if I am not adding two more harddrives… ;) For now everything is nice like it is.

The web GUI is very clean and easy to use. The RAID was also setup within the web GUI. Everything is just some clicks and you’re done… :)

I am happy about this new device!

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New Year; Back Online; New Linux Distribution

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

I was not very active in the past few month on writing here. Now I am back!

The new Year began with a very hard influenza and I was in bed for nearly 3 weeks… In that time I thought a lot about what to do next. After Christmas I ordered a SSD disc for my Thinkpad and I am impressed. The system boots in a few seconds now. I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB too… ;)

Since I am producing electronic music (techno and trance) again, I needed to install Windows on a seperate Partition because the latency is not acceptable when running it in a virtual machine. Making music with Linux is not possible if you want to do it not just for fun… :(

With this decision I replaced my Gentoo Linux installation with the wonderfull Gentoo based Linux distribution called Sabayon. I have tested it some time ago and I really like it. I have the power of Gentoo and I don’t have to compile everything. Thanks to Gentoo and all the developers! After more then 10 years of Gentoo usage I switched… BTW: My Servers are still running Gentoo! ;)

I also added a new page to this site in the main menu. You will there find my selfmade electronic music!

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