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I found ooc today!

From their site:
"ooc is a modern, object-oriented, functional-ish, high-level, low-level, sexy programming language. It's translated to pure C with a source-to-source compiler. It thrives to be powerful, modular, extensible, portable, yet simple and fast."

Take a look! It seems to be an interesting project... ;)

The code is available at GitHub. Just click here to see all OOC related repositories - There is a lot of stuff available!

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I love the Zsh prompt used in Gentoo! Here it is...

Since I am using the Zsh as default Shell on my Linux machines but not all of them are Gentoo based, I put the Gentoo prompt here.

Zsh Gentoo prompt Screenshot

Just put the following lines to your .zshrc and you will be able to use this prompt on all distributions, not only Gentoo. Shure, I could copy the prompt file to the default directory in /usr/share/zsh/... but it is easier to just copy the .zshrc file from system to system...:

prompt_gentoo_setup () {

if [ "$USER" = 'root' ]
base_prompt="%B%F{$prompt_gentoo_root}%m%k "
base_prompt="%B%F{$prompt_gentoo_user}%n@%m%k "

#setopt noxtrace localoptions

PS1="$base_prompt$path_prompt %# $post_prompt"
PS2="$base_prompt$path_prompt %_> $post_prompt"
PS3="$base_prompt$path_prompt ?# $post_prompt"

prompt_gentoo_setup "$@"

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Zynk Source Code available at Sourceforge

Zynk LogoI have some weeks ago comitted the Zynk sources to SourceForge. They are available via SVN and I hope there will be people joining this project.

You can checkout the sources using the following command:

svn co zynk

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